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Passions + experience brought together to encourage + assist you to move functionally, eat nutritiously + LIV intentionally.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • BS in Exercise Science

  • 8+ years in the fitness industry

  • Specialties include free weight, TRX, Pilates, barre + yoga training

Madeline Moylan Signature_edited.png

Do you mean besides avocado toast + honey almond milk lattes?


Image by Akshar Dave 🪁


If you dance in the kitchen, shower, car, grocery store etc... you are my kind of person! 
Come move to music with me sometime [check out the select pop-ups that include movement to the beat of LIVE music]. Happiness is a fleeting state & I find myself most able to stop time in its tracks when I am dancing freely to music & in that moment is pure bliss that I get to hang on to for a bit longer than normal life moments. I am all about the happy hormones here- HIGH on life- all natural, come on, let me show you! 

Traditional Library


Reading is vital to growth.
Reading about other people's experience & knowledge helps broaden our perspective & ideas. Our mind is altered by what we put into it. When we escape our reality & dive into something new & unknown we can become more open minded!
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