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Different types of pop-up workouts:

Image by Akshar Dave 🪁


Have you ever had a day when you can't pin point why your mood is a little off?
When I find myself in this situation it's typically because I haven't done my daily movement or I haven't listened to any music yet. When we move our body + mind we can alter our mental state + actually change our mood  by allowing our happy hormones to increase! Bringing this combination to fruition is so beneficial to YOU + ME. The vision of this specific class first came about during some hard times, my boyfriend Ethan & I dreamt up this idea of him playing music to my movements. Since launching our first music + movement collaboration in Summer 2021, you can now find select pop-ups with this setting throughout the year!


Creating experiences with other local businesses is the best way to meet new people & discover beautiful minds. 
Every pop-up is hosted at a local spot & has been planned out with great detail to give you, the client, a unique experience. Sometimes a local business product is even included in the ticket price. These group fitness workouts are a way to immerse yourself in community, meet new people & spark curiosity- when you free your mind to movement you never know what new ideas you may leave with. 

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