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Decide to Commit If You Want to Succeed

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The one where Liv has chalk covering her entire black outfit & does not give a F/ck.

Decide. This is the precursor to anything that you choose to commit to in your lifetime. This decision has likely been on your mind for quite some time. This decision might be to take a new career path, interview for a dream job, begin the project you have been dreaming up, starting a family, traveling the world, taking on a new sport or hobby, etc. You have to make the decision to not sit in a subpar life & begin the process of succeeding in your next endeavor. It may not seem big to others but as long as it is important to you then you must go for it NOW.

Commit. You have to reach a level of commitment within yourself in order to acquire the feeling of success. You have made the decision to commit & this is an unwritten, very strong agreement with yourself. In this time you have to focus on the positive & rid yourself of any negative feelings that will stray your focus from success. Commitment is scary because it is giving your all, to something new. It feels deeply uncomfortable but the drive to continue comes from knowing that the end feeling is truly greater & will make you proud of YOU.

Succeed. The feeling that comes with the first taste of success is fleeting, you have to stop & enjoy all of the emotions surrounding it. Immediately after, you start to assess how you can do better next time & prepare for the potential future failures. Success only continues if you continue trying hard & you continue working hard. We must continue to decide to commit in order to succeed. If you ever wonder why you haven't had the feeling of success in quite a while maybe it is time to sit down & reflect on what you want to decide to commit to next, then START.

For me, this was trying out [bouldering]. Heights are scary. My upper body strength is questionable, however, my boyfriend is very convincing. Since I have decided to commit to this new challenge, I am filled with excitement & fear & thrill & so many new emotions. This is a tiring commitment but every time I step into a rock climbing gym, I feel myself getting better & becoming more successful on different, more challenging routes.

If you need some inspiration or motivation to make your next jump into deciding & committing so you can succeed, I suggest watching this film: You don't have to have a goal of climbing to enjoy this film. It is mind blowing to watch another human, who appears to be just like you, challenge his mind & body in the most extreme way & succeed at it. I watched this film over quarantine last year & it reminded me, to my core, that we as humans have so much growth & potential within us waiting to be activated.

Never stop trying to be a badass.

Never stop trying to succeed at something new.

Never stop dreaming- dream & then work hard to achieve the dream.

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