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World Health Day: Check In With You

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

How do you feel mentally & physically right now?

Wherever you are at mentally & physically, when you read this, know that you have a choice to continue increasing your mental & physical health! In this great big world we sometimes make things far more complicated than they need to be. I am not going to dismiss the fact that being a healthy human is harder for some than others but we all have more control than we think. Adding in simple small things everyday makes a BIG difference.

I like to tell my clients that being "healthy" or increasing your level of fitness is the hardest yet easiest thing to accomplish. I say this because... well if it weren't hard, we would all be very healthy, happy humans but I say it is easy because we all know the things we should be doing more of to increase our health. There is no secret or diet or magical pill to give this life to you- thee thing you are missing is your focused, consistent effort. The most important thing to remember is that our mind & body are connected & however silly that may sound [duh Liv we know our brain is housed inside of our body], most of us walk around very "disconnected" on a daily basis. We must take care of both the mind & the body as a unit, to feel good!

Eat Nutritiously: Consume less processed foods, less fried foods, less sugary foods + drinks. Replace those less nutrient dense things with more nutrient dense foods/drinks... I am not going to say much more here, this looks different for everybody but the facts remain the same- eat the rainbow with as many fresh options as possible.

Move Functionally: 30 minutes a day is a good start - more is ideal but if you are just starting, start somewhere that is achievable. For some this could simply mean taking a 5 minute break, from your sedentary job, to walk around every working hour per day. For others this could mean adding in more movement, in addition to your already active job, perhaps an at home workout that adds resistance, a walk/jog per day, joining a local gym/studio or hiring a personal trainer. Movement should feel good, fun & challenging to your body! Hint: @livfitish instagram has new quick + easy workouts posted weekly!

Liv Intentionally: When is the last time you sat in silence in your home or nature & let your mind, body & emotions all speak to you? When is the last time you told someone "no" for the sake of your sanity? When is the last time you got 8 hours of sleep? When is the last time you got blood work? You owe it to yourself to stop making excuses & start making time... for YOU.

Many of the things discussed above seem simple, THAT IS THE POINT. I want you to know that when we put forth a little extra effort to start to change small habits we can change our lives drastically over time. We must have a [tenacious] spirit to actually adhere to the habits that help us live a healthier, happier & longer life!

Take care of you!

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