How Interest Leads to Drive

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

What are your brightest visions? What ideas spark your interest? What discoveries have brought you to those visions & ideas?

Your entire life you have encountered new things. As a baby & a child you were learning & studying before you even knew it. When we are young we have a strong desire to learn new things. Most of this desire as a kid is for survival, this instinct & curiosity helps us learn how to take care of ourselves but also this exploration takes us on the path of finding who we are, what we are good at, what we do not find interesting etc. Experimentation helps us all come to find something we are curious enough about, to pursue it for our life's work. If we as humans do not face this necessity head on, we will find ourselves wandering about feeling bored & confused.

Although I am very young, I do feel I have had a head start on this process. When I reflect on why this might be, several things come to mind but the most profound thing is how my pare