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How These Three Values Have Stimulated My Brain Growth

When we go from day to day not much seems to change but when significant time passes & we look back to months prior or even years, we are often disappointed if we have not achieved the things we had set out to accomplish. The good news is that we have the ability to change those very habits that halted our success the first time, so that we can then do better the next time.

We have this incredible ability to change our habits but it takes us all varying amounts of time to apply this for ourselves. Realizing this potential for change is only half of the battle. How do we actually take the mental & physical steps towards change? We have to create new habits that progress us towards our goals.

Of course we have all written out a todo list that was left unfinished. Maybe we have made verbal statements to trusted friends & family that we are in fact going to do what we say we are going to do, our next goal, venture etc. Then later we don't stay true to our word.

We must stimulate our brains & break pathological habits we have deeply engrained into us if we want to change our old repetitive ways that do not serve us.

Sure we have heard the best excuse, "It is just not in my genes.". But in this current, highly advanced world we live in, we now know that we actually do have the tools we need to change some of the things we once thought were permanent.

We as humans are malleable. Not only is this extraordinary, but it is very intriguing to the nerd inside of me. This has led me to frequent experiments, testing the limits I once believed I was born & stuck with indefinitely. This experimentation helped me realize & discover new things I was capable of that once seemed impossible for me to achieve. Since I have ditched the habits that were holding me back, I have retrained myself to form new habits that would progress me, I have landed in places that I once only dreamed of.

From this growth I realized what values assisted me most when wanting to grow & achieve specific things. [Move functionally], [eat nutritiously], [liv intentionally], these are the three values I narrowed my success down to. While these are somewhat specific, there is still a lot of room for experimenting & changing habits within these values.

I am not saying that doing X, Y & Z will make you super wo/man. What I do know, from my own experience, is when we develop habits for ourselves that involve us treating our minds & bodies with an abundant amount of nutritious movement, food & knowledge, we start to feel some crazy amazing things happen.

I like to think of these combined nutritious habits as [braincurl]s. You will see this often referred to as brain malleability or neuroplasticity in scientific terms. This is where we truly have the availability to change our future by clearing a new path. Surprise, WE HAVE TO DO THE WORK. More good news, we have all the things we need to do this. The sooner we teach ourselves this important piece of knowledge, the sooner these newly trained positive habits become second nature.

Let me help you start doing daily braincurls & falling in love with the person you are evolving into.

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