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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Where did LIV•FIT[ish] start & where is it going?

The [story] goes like this...

I have always been active since I was a little girl whether it was ballet, tap dancing, softball, swim team, a casual walk or a bike ride with friends & family. Eventually I played volleyball, basketball & ran track. Although I was involved in all of these physical activities, keep in mind I was never the all-star on the team. I was not a “naturally born athlete”. I just enjoyed movement in so many different ways. In high school I chose to fully commit to cheerleading & forget the rest.

The thing about cheerleading, on a competitive level, is that it is pretty [hardcore], despite popular belief. The days of practice, workouts & tumbling were exhausting. We trained multiple times weekly with the football coach & athletic trainer. These workouts made me nauseous most days because of the intense cardio. Back then I would tell you I HATE cardio but weight lifting, that I LOVED. I was good at it & I felt [strong] when I did it but I also had injuries that I dealt with constantly. If it wasn't my wrist hurting, it was my elbow & if it wasn't an elbow it was my ankles... well, you get the point. On top of loving to lift weights but having a love/hate relationship with the constant wear & tear on my body, not to mention the hard constant impact of tumbling incorrectly, I also never felt [FIT]- whatever that is supposed to mean. I worked my ass off but I still felt like I was not where I wanted to be.

Then college happened...

Being told to workout by a coach was no longer part of my life; I was now on my own. I did not have a consistent workout schedule anymore & it was up to me to move my body. I think you know where this is going... I didn't move my body my entire freshman year of college & I gained some weight. Is this terrible? Nope. Is this usually the norm for freshmen? Yep. But I was very unhealthy, I was not eating nutritiously & I was not moving my body. Come to find out, those habits would not create the life of longevity that I wanted & this was something completely avoidable. Would it be hard? Yes, & it was time to put in the work, mentally & physically.

Thank goodness a switch flipped for me, I opened my eyes & told myself that this was going to be the end of mistreating my body with negative habits. I finally found a love for working out, I started slow & found a friend to go explore the campus gym with, because well... that place was big & scary. I realized that when working out was not a requirement but it was my own choice, I actually enjoyed it. A new environment & access to so many different options helped me to find a plethora of ways to train my body & mind. This allowed me to continue to [self motivate] myself into a consistent routine each week. The best part? Apparently working out was supposed to feel good on your muscles & joints!? Woah, what? This was new to my body. I felt good... like really good... aside from the normal muscle soreness; I had no more injuries & no more pain. I was on to something.

When I realized this for myself, I took the time to continue to work on my habits & mindset.

While I was on the path of finding peace of mind for myself, I switched my major to Exercise Science, I wanted to learn more about the human body & all of the capabilities that we have. Eventually, I found myself stepping into a coaching role, & I was then able to help others realize their [potential]. The moment I found my passion, I also found my voice for training others.

I began teaching at many different studios & gyms, learning every single day, from some of the most knowledgeable people in the fitness industry. This built confidence in myself as a trainer. I suddenly found a desire to reach more of YOU, longing to help as many people as I possibly could. My vision for LIV•FIT[ish] manifested.

The journey...

You have heard it before & hopefully this is the last time you need to hear it or I guess read it, to truly believe it. The journey looks different for every single person, being [fit] looks different for every person. You have all the tools you need to intentionally feed your body & mind with positive things. This will not be easy; I will never claim that it is. I am your person, here to guide you & speak the truth to you. I want to be your source that helps to keep you on the path of your choice. Once you flip the switch & [feel] the benefits of leading out a life full of habits that benefit you, nothing can replace that feeling & you will decide to replicate it & repeat it day after day. Will you ever be perfect? NO. Perfect does not exist, & that is the most amazing thing about this journey, there is no end, you will never be bored, you will always be achieving goals & then setting new, bigger, scarier ones. You will have ebbs & flows but I can promise you this, with constant effort, you will make leaps & bounds.

I need you to realize this...

Fitness is for everybody & anybody. The habits you may have that are not benefiting you, you can train out of. You are not defined by where you once were but by where you [choose] to take yourself.

The [PAST] builds you & teaches you lessons, the [PRESENT] is yours & you can use it or you will lose it, & well the [FUTURE] it's yours too so F***ing plan for it & own it. A little tough love can take you a long way. Every day is a new opportunity to change & evolve your mentality, make the habits that are a part of your everyday lifestyle into something greater. [SPARK] your curiosity into this world & make your strong body & mind [STRONGER].

You have the choice to move functionally, eat nutritiously & liv intentionally.

What will you choose for your journey?

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