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Healthy[ish] + Delish Chicken Salad

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Are you a chicken salad lover?

Yeah, me too! The funny thing is I just recently, in the last year, started to love chicken salad. I loved it so much that I was on a mission to experiment on my own until I found the perfect recipe [in my opinion]. Now every time I make this recipe for a get-together it seems to wow the crowd & everyone wants to know the [enigmatic] ingredients. It turns out I am not the only one who really thinks it is delish! Bonus... it is also so EASY to make.

What is so special about this chicken salad?

First... you will not find celery in this recipe. Don't get me wrong I love celery, by itself; never will you ever catch me mixing it into a recipe [Thanksgiving dressing, ew gross, keep the celery out of there y'all]. You get plenty of crunch from the apple, onion & nuts in this chicken salad! The other standout ingredient is probably the poppy seed; something about it just puts the magic touch into each bite. Greek yogurt helps make this chicken salad creamy & moist. However, the most important ingredient to me is my grandpa's pecans. Now I know, it will not be an option for you to add those pecans specifically [unless you know gramps personally he will give you all the jars of pecans you want] but the pecans are it for me!

Here you go, plan this recipe for your next lunch or dinner & enjoy!

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