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How to Make Thee Honey Almond Milk Latte

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

First: Appreciate the experience coffee provides

Coffee has always had a special place in my life ever since I can remember. It started with Sundays at grandmas as a little kid, drinking mostly milk + sugar with a splash of coffee. Eventually I started having coffee every morning before school, this was what got me out of bed in the mornings, I know most of y'all can relate. On the weekends mom & I would sit on the swing in our pjs enjoying our warm coffee while watching all that nature has to offer in the backwoods of southern Illinois- those were the best days.

I was always a coffee drinker because I looked forward to enjoying the moment in time of just sipping on coffee with a good friend or family member. Years later + a lot of coffee shop visits, I now not only enjoy coffee for the company + experience but I enjoy it for the flavor.

So naturally my obsession with thee honey almond milk latte started similarly- Sunday fundays with good friends. A few friends & I would go to a workout on a Sunday morning & then grab brunch after. These were pre-covid days when life was pure bliss you know, like sipping your coffee with no mask on. Anyways, we wanted to try a new coffee one fine Sunday, so a few of us tried the special of the month at Kaldi's, one of our many favorite coffee shops conveniently close by to PLNK [where we had just sweat our asses off in a workout]. THEE HONEY ALMOND MILK LATTE obsession was born on this day & we never looked back.

Second: Be knowledgeable of where the beans come from + the hard work behind the flavor

With recent research I have learned a little more about coffee beans & the process behind the flavor. Apparently coffee beans go through the process of [pyrolysis] which is a chemical change brought about by the action of heat. If you are a coffee lover like me + sometimes geek out on random facts + research then this probably makes a lot of sense of why sometimes, although hopefully very rarely, it seems your coffee beans do not have an enjoyable flavor. Yes, we know that beans from different locations around the world have different flavors but the process the beans go through has a huge impact on how the product tastes.

Third: Make Thee Honey Almond Milk Latte

Waking up in the morning + making coffee is something I look forward to every day. This morning routine brings joy to my heart + allows me to have patience with anyone who crosses my path throughout the day. Oh & let's not forget it keeps things moving along in the intestines, ya know? Really, coffee helps start my day on the best note.

If I do not have a coffee date planned for the day, I will make my own honey almond milk latte & it tastes pretty dang good at this point, not like barista made good but it's close. I have committed to perfecting it only in hopes of not spending ALL of my money on lattes [but I will always support the local java joints when I can].

Here's my recipe:

By midday I am always craving another coffee. If my budget allows or a friend really twist my arm [very gently + like barely at all] I am willing to head up to a local coffee shop & have another coffee of course- maybe even just a nice warm black coffee if I have already had my fancy latte for the day.

Now, I do make it a point to remind family / friends / clients that if coffee is a non-negotiable in your life that you do make it a priority to drink plenty of WATER throughout the day. Caffeine has different effects on everyone so if you do try to avoid it but a honey almond milk latte sounds phenomenal, you should try decaf or maybe mushroom "coffee" versions with this recipe!

Cheers to taking time to intentionally drink your coffee!

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