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Foam Rolling Tips

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Do you often times find yourself complaining of muscle tightness + body aches & pains but continue to do nothing about it?

This is for you! I know it's not the most fun but it feels so good once it's done. Foam rolling is something that can be done in short periods, five minutes or less, but for some reason most of us do not do it as much as we should. These tips will help you get excited to grab your roller more often, the more you use it, the less painful it becomes. If you get into a consistent routine, rolling out will soon be a part of your day that you look forward to. The full body can be completely rolled out in less than five minutes, I urge my clients to do at least these six movements with the roller either before or after their workouts, or while watching tv during the day.

What is foam rolling doing for the body?

Foam rolling helps to release tension in the muscles which overall helps you increase range of motion + flexibility. Often referred to as self-myofascial rolling, foam rolling has shown to help with releasing restricted fascia tissue. I like to use my foam roller as a tool in between massages & chiropractic appointments to keep me feeling good. I won't say the roller is the solution to all of your muscular tightness but for most, adding this simple extra movement into any daily routine is likely going to benefit you in a positive way.

Lets roll with it...

Alrighty, here are the six movements. Experiment by holding/rolling in each position for 30-120 seconds. Some of the exercises you have to do each side separately. Keep in mind, one side of the body might feel different than the other. If you come across an extremely tight spot, take some long deep breaths, inhaling + exhaling. Avoid letting other parts of your body tense up while you are trying to release a tight muscle, instead focus on full breaths to relax, even when the pressure is slightly uncomfortable. Also, NEVER roll on a joint, stay on the soft tissue of your body.

1. Glutes

2. IT Band [Outer Thigh]

3. Quads

4. Hamstrings

5. Calves

6. Under Arm + Lats

The foam roller I am using is the perfect balance of firm but soft. You can find it here:

Remember, foam rolling should never feel like excruciating pain, if you do not feel comfortable trying this on your own, ask your local health professional to guide you through some basic foam rolling exercises. You should always have a doctor's approval before trying out any new form of exercise. All content I share is for fun, educational purpose only, try at your own risk + use your smart brain to decide what is best for your body.


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