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5 Benefits of Virtual Custom Training

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

If you have not tried virtual personal training before & you are confused on how

it works, let me help you to better understand how it might be the perfect thing for you! There are definitely pros & cons to virtual training & deciding if it is for you depends on several things in your lifestyle. Training remotely is not for everyone but working out is & I believe in helping each one of you find exactly what works for YOU. I am going to explain a few things that might help you decide to experiment & see if virtual training will be a good fit!

1. Form First

If you have never trained with weights before, it is important to seek guidance from a professional to help you get started & develop sound functional movement patterns within your body. Regardless of if you decide in person or virtual training is the route you want to go, I highly recommend hiring a trainer to teach you the ropes. If you have help creating a plan in the beginning of your fitness journey, your time & effort will be much better used than if you try to put together some random things & learn on your own. A watchful eye will correct you early on to assist you in becoming stronger & to avoid injury.

2. FREE Initial Consultation

All clients receive a FREE initial consultation to asses your current movement patterns, discuss past injuries, examine current health/goals & to explore your workout space. The consultation helps you to see if you are comfortable with me as a trainer & if you think virtual training is going to help you meet your goals. I love to create & visualize so I will help you create a clean & inviting space for your workouts if you do not already have one. It is important to have a space designated to working out so that you mentally connect that space with movement & will be excited to go there. After this visit, a custom program is designed specifically for YOUR mind & body to become stronger.

3. Flexible Schedule + 1:1 Attention

Because there is no commute time for you or I, it is easier for the both of us to get your training on the schedule at a convenient time. You can 100% find 45 minutes in your day once or twice a week for a virtual workout. Walk into your workout space & join your virtual meeting room- done. It is too easy. I will start by catching up on your day & how it has impacted your energy levels. Then I will cue you to get your body warmed up & ready for your workout. Your 45-minute session allows me to see your form in each exercise & use constant verbal reminders to keep you successful in your movements.

4. Accountability is Key

Purchasing a program & scheduling your workouts with me is going to keep you accountable. I create a custom workout for you & I am promising you progress as long as you show up weekly for yourself. We meet no less than once a week so you will know that I am going to ask about your movement + nutrition outside of our session; this additionally helps remind you throughout your week to make more decisions that lead you closer to your goals.

5. Increased Quality of Life + Mood

By finding a program that works for you & adhering to that program even when life gets busy & tough, you are going to increase your quality of life. This means that instead of living a life with a higher potential of developing a chronic illness you will have a life that your body is strong & healthy throughout. Although the long-term thoughts of a life full of longevity are amazing, your workout will also give you an immediate result of a mood boost.

I will help you put an end to your [mundane] workouts. I want to build your excitement to move your body & create confidence in your home so you can go out into the world healthier + happier. Get into a consistent training pattern with me & you will be surprised at how your life is positively impacted mentally + physically + emotionally.

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