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How Can Group Fitness Classes Benefit You?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Have you been thinking about trying out a new studio after a full year of trying to socially distance? Talk about added stress! A new environment + getting used to being around crowds [larger than a party of two] again is tough & might seem a little intimidating .

Here's the thing, regardless of the routine you have gotten into over the last year, or maybe the routine you haven't gotten into, it is always good to try something new, especially when it comes to movement. Working out from home might be your new favorite thing & that is great because there are a lot of new platforms that can help you get a workout in at your convenience. Maybe your favorite studio recently opened back up in the last couple of months & you are going hard again while supporting your favorite local gym, that is cool too. BUT can I tell you that my favorite thing, that I have missed so much in this last year, is studio hopping. Now I know it is different for me because I am an instructor so I don't have one gym membership & I do not go to the same place every day of the week. From experience, with doing some hardcore studio hopping with other instructor friends & non-instructor friends too, I can tell you that it is a fun experience, for anyone, to [forgather] & make a morning, afternoon or evening out of a new workout class in a new place!

I urge you, in this new year of change & regrowth, to try some new things. If you love to workout this will be right up your alley. If you know a friend who wants to get moving but needs a little extra motivation & accountability, convince them to try this with you this Spring, Summer & Fall. Working out with a friend, partner or family member brings out a new bond & it puts all parties involved in the best mood, no matter how your day, week, month or year is going. The positive benefits of exercise are plentiful, I'll save that long list for another day, but working out with other people is a whole new atmosphere with the best vibes.

If you have a trainer or studio that you hold a membership with that is AHMAZING, they need you & you need them, this support system is the perfect combo! However, when you have the extra money, instead of spending it on the weekend, doing the same old things you always do, again, I urge you to try out a new form of movement. This can be a whole day that you plan out with your favorite person or a group of people [that's legal again can you believe it?]. My fellow fitness friends call these full day outings "fitness field-trips". If you thought grade school field-trips were fun, these field-trips, including but not limited to, a workout to get your endorphins flowing, followed by coffee or a new restaurant, brunch, dinner etc. are ten x more incredible.

As I begin my venture into the world of being a small business owner, these are some of the important things I will be sharing with all of you through my pop-up classes- movement + encouragement + education + curiosity. I want to become a part of any & every community that will welcome me so that I can instill confidence into all humans I encounter. Any form of fitness is benefiting you immensely, is fun & not only does it change your mood positively but it influences those around you too.

I am excited to see you around at local studios + my pop-up classes!

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