Is a LIV•FIT[ish] Pop-up Class for You?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The short answer is ---> HELL YES! Let me fill you in on the long too!

If you are new to fitness you are probably the last person even considering going to a pop-up workout class. By the end of this blog I hope to have your mind changed. Group fitness is for everyBODY. My goal as your instructor is to help you feel that. For those of you who workout frequently, this is still for you too. My style of teaching will challenge everyone involved in a safe & beneficial way. Whichever end you sway towards on the "fitness" level I am ready to show you that we can all workout & become stronger together. Let me show you how to feel good while working out in a group environment of good humans.

Are you scared you won't be able to keep up?