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Is a LIV•FIT[ish] Pop-up Class for You?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The short answer is ---> HELL YES! Let me fill you in on the long too!

If you are new to fitness you are probably the last person even considering going to a pop-up workout class. By the end of this blog I hope to have your mind changed. Group fitness is for everyBODY. My goal as your instructor is to help you feel that. For those of you who workout frequently, this is still for you too. My style of teaching will challenge everyone involved in a safe & beneficial way. Whichever end you sway towards on the "fitness" level I am ready to show you that we can all workout & become stronger together. Let me show you how to feel good while working out in a group environment of good humans.

Are you scared you won't be able to keep up?

The entire duration of the 45 minute workout I will be offering modifications & progressions to each exercise. I also suggest taking a small break from an exercise if you are cramping up, take a breath & meet back in the movement when you are ready. It is always a judgement free zone. Everyone is so focused in on what they are feeling mentally, physically & emotionally to worry about anyone else.

Do you think you are too old to join the crowd?

Please do NOT ever let your age hold you back. I have taught almost all ages & want to show you that if you challenge your mind, you can do anything you desire. All of the exercises are low impact; it is just you & your bodyweight- no added resistance. You will blow your mind by how much you are capable of!

Do you have a current injury?

You should always seek professional, medical advice from your primary care physician before joining any new form of exercise. However, if you have been dealing with your injury for quite some time, your doctor approves you working out & you are aware of what you need to avoid to be successful in the workout- please join! Movement is medicine, the more you learn about your body the easier it is to heal when aches & pains creep in on occasion. Plus, creating a stronger mind + body will help you avoid future injuries.

Not sure what to expect?

I love an event. I love an experience. I love to help people realize that they can move their body + become stronger at any level, shape, size, mentality, gender, time of life, etc. This is why my pop-up classes are for YOU. I have helped so many humans see their potential already & I am in pursuit of helping as many more humans as I can get my hands on to realize this too. The [moxie] at a LIV•FIT[ish] event is like nothing you have ever experienced before. My method of teaching is a blend of so many forms of fitness. This is NOT yoga.... I love yoga, I do yoga frequently but I don't teach it... except for a few common stretches. In my workouts I take you through different strength exercises, some common ones you may have done or seen before & some more modern movements as well. You will never be bored but I can guarantee you will be challenging yourself.

Every event looks & feels different & also has different post workout goodies! Whether you prefer post workout protein + water or a cold glass of your favorite cocktail, I have something for you! Fitness looks different for everyone. I want you to get the full, well-rounded experience & that is exactly what I provide.

What's that common phrase "don't knock it until you try it."? Yeah that. Try new things. Escape your comfort zone. Escape your weekly routine. Come workout with me, I promise it's a good time. See you at the next pop-up.

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