5 Bodyweight Exercises to Squeeze In On Busy Days

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Too busy to work out? I hear you BUT I also have a solution to what seems like repetitive long days with "no time to squeeze in movement". I get that life gets crazy & all of a sudden it's dark outside, you finally have the chance to sit down to decompress from the day & then it's game over. If I told you that if you start making time in the morning or at lunch to squeeze in a 20-minute workout, you would have more energy to power through your days, would you believe me? Short bouts of exercise have very large impacts on our day-to-day mental & physical energy. This is a fact that is known by many but commonly ignored. Let me show you 5 exercises that you can start to incorporate into your week to help increase your energy, help your body release endorphins & make your joints happy! Whether you are the [parsimonious] person, who refuses to spend money on a gym or at home workouts, or not- this is a good addition to any exercise you are already doing... or already not doing. I am here for you & I want you to move your body more!